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Roxas denies ties with 5 PNP officials involved in illegal drugs | Latest Trending News
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Roxas denies ties with 5 PNP officials involved in illegal drugs

Former DILG Sec. and Defeated Presidential candidate Mar Roxas denied the reports circulating on online sites that he is allegedly connected to 5 officials named by President Rodrigo Duterte.

“It has come to my attention that some online sites and traditional media outlets have branded certain individuals as “Roxas Generals.” Despite lacking any clear basis, the insinuation is that these individuals campaigned for me in the last election,” Roxas said in a statement

“To be clear: there are no Roxas Generals.” he added.

“According to media reports, these individuals are allegedly involved in the illegal drug trade. Let me emphasize that I have never supported nor encouraged illegal drugs. It is a plague that afflicts families, rich or poor, and destroys the fabric of family life.

Citing his term as a DILG Sec., Roxas said “During my tenure in the DILG, one of my priorities for the PNP was to escalate the fight against illegal drugs. Billions of pesos worth of illegal drugs were confiscated, and hundreds arrested and charged, in fulfillment of my directives.”

“If there is any truth to the allegations that these people have anything to do with the drug trade or those who run it, I believe that the proper course of action is to file charges against them in accordance with due process, instead of engaging in innuendo and circulating rumors,” he said.

He also clarified that there was no generals had ever campaigned for him during the campaign period, “The persons named were not part of my campaign. My professional working relationship with some of these individuals started when I took over the helm of DILG, and ended when I tendered my resignation in 2015,” he said.

source: Philippine Daily Inquirer


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