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Fr. Reyes reacts on Duterte's exposé about 5 generals involved in illegal drugs | Latest Trending News
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Fr. Reyes reacts on Duterte’s exposé about 5 generals involved in illegal drugs

Activist Catholic Priest Fr. Robert Reyes said President Rodrigo Duterte “killed” the 5 Generals  after naming them in public who allegedly involved in illegal drugs.

“While the almost daily killings of suspected drug pushers happen without due process, the naming of the five PNP (Philippine National Police) generals as drug protectors was likewise a killing of sorts,” Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted Fr. Robert Reyes as saying.

“What if some of the five are proven innocent? Will they be able to recover their lost reputation and good name? The killing and taking of lives is final and irreversible,” Reyes said. “Couldn’t we say the same about the killing of the dignity of those accused without trial and conviction?” he added.

He also urged the new administration to “stop the summary execution and public humiliation of suspected drug traffickers”.

“All killings must stop whether of life or reputation or dignity,” Reyes said.

source: Philippine Daily Inquirer


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