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Loot says Peter Lim is a "friend and kumpare" | Latest Trending News
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Loot says Peter Lim is a “friend and kumpare”

Retired Chief Supt. Vicente Loot said he and Peter Lim were “compadres” but “nothing special” after naming him as a protector of drug lords in the country.

“Yes, he (Lim) is a friend and my kumpare. But that’s it, nothing special” Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted Loot as saying.

“I should say we’re only at the ‘acquaintance’ level. Apart from borrowing vehicles from him, I haven’t asked any favor from Mr. Lim. He’s but an ordinary friend of mine,” Loot said.

He added that he has no idea if the Cebu-based businessman was involved in illegal drugs “I’ve no idea and I’m not the right person to say whether or not he’s into the business of illegal drugs.” he added.

After naming the 5 generals who is allegedly involved in illegal drugs, President Duterte also named Peter Lim a.k.a Jaguar as a big-time drug lord operating in Visayas.

source: Philippine Daily Inquirer


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