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President Duterte to Ed Lingao: 'I accept his apology' | Latest Trending News
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President Duterte to Ed Lingao: ‘I accept his apology’

After arriving to Davao City from Indonesia, President Rodrigo Duterte said that he accepts the apology of TV5 news anchor Ed Lingao who admitted that the news item he delivered on Monday was ‘written in error and is not accurate’.

In a press conference, Jeff Caparas from TV5 asked President Duterte if he is angry at them, Duterte asked who he was referring to.

“Sa amin, sa media sir” Caparas said.

“Of course I am not at liberty to be angry at anyone, It is your sworn duty to ask questions” President Duterte said.

“It is also my obligation to the people [to let you know], for [where] the money is being spent for this trip and for all of the things that would cost the Filipinos, I have to make an official report,” he added.

“Wala akong galit sa inyo, alam mo, I never, I was here, you where here, I never attribute such statements to anyone,” he stressed.

“Si Ed Lingao, was the anchor at that time and it was this breaking news, na he apologized and I accept his apology, And he should not worry because sometimes you commit errors, wala akong question dyan, if the other side wants to interpreted it in a way they want it, problema na nila yan,” he said.

“I am not a player of the international community, I only answer to the Filipino people,” he added


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