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'Alam ninyo kung kaninong laro ito, yellow yan' - President Duterte | Latest Trending News
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‘Alam ninyo kung kaninong laro ito, yellow yan’ – President Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte said the so called “Yellow Army” are the one behind the attacks against him in his anti-drug campaign.

“Alam ninyo kung kaninong laro ito, yellow yan. They think the can build a case against me. (And) I’ll be impeached,” Duterte said.

During his speech before new set of appointees in Malacanang, Duterte cracks a joke saying that he was not talking about a young girl in the audience who was wearing a yellow dress. He added that there is no problem if he is removed from the presidency.

“My Gad, I tell you frankly, when I assumed office, with this quest in mind, I prepared to lose my honor, my life and the presidency,” he said.

“It appears to the basic principles in my life. My values are not as good as yours, yun ang sabi mo. But these are my own values, I have a set of rules to live by. I have been true to that since I was a young prosecutor,” he added.

source: Politiko


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