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President Duterte Trust Rating Increased from 91% to 97% - Survey says | Latest Trending News
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President Duterte Trust Rating Increased from 91% to 97% – Survey says

President Rodrigo Duterte trust rating have increased to 97% from 91% last survey, this is according to a survey conducted by News5.

In a survey conducted by anchored Raffy Tulfo and Nina Taduran, it turned out that the approval rating of Filipino people to the newly elected President Rodrigo Duterte increased to 97% specially in his war against illegal drugs in the country.

The survey was conducted via text message to evaluate the trust rating to current administration. A total of 4,000 Filipino people participated in the said survey using a text message to response in the survey.

Tulfo said that according to the survey, even people who don’t vote for Rodrigo last May 2016 elections turned out that they seem to like Duterte. Due to the president’s leadership in the country and his anti-illegal drugs advocacy, most Filipinos are now trusting Digong for what he is currently doing right now in the country.

People who participated the survey spend just to expressed their opinions, over 4, 000 participants it is sad to say that there’s still 3% who do not fully trust Rody’s leadership but it’s still a good news that almost 97% of them trust the president.

Raffy said that for those who are interested they are willing to give the list so people can also observe and study the survey results. They also said that they are open and transparent to the public and willing to give all the information wanted by some doubt the result of the survey.


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