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President Duterte: 'Sabi nila pa-plano-plano raw ang CIA na patayin ako.... | Latest Trending News
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President Duterte: ‘Sabi nila pa-plano-plano raw ang CIA na patayin ako….

“Sabi nila pa-plano-plano raw ang CIA na patayin ako. Susmaryosep, ginoo,”

This was President Rodrigo Duterte said after he received a reports that the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) wants him dead, he said in his speech before the Filipino Community in Hanoi on Wednesday.

He also said that the Philippines joint military exercises with the US in October will be the last under his administration. He added that he was opening lines with China and Russia.

However, he added that it was not the time to confront China’s military with the tribunal’s ruling, adding that he would not abandon the favorable ruling made by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Philippines case against China in the South China Sea.

“I am not ready to commit the soldiers of this country just to be massacred and besides—besides t— ina, ang battleground, ang Palawan? Naloko na,” Duterte said.

“Eh kung dalhin natin doon sa San Francisco okay ako. [laughter] Oo, ‘yung China, mamili kayo diyan, Hindi natin kaya ang China so sabi ko—even with the help of America. So we talk,” he added.

source: GMA News


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