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Agot Isidro: "I go to a psychiatrist". | Latest Trending News
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Agot Isidro: “I go to a psychiatrist”.

“I go to a psychiatrist”.

This was a confession from actress Agot Isidro in July of 2013.

Isidro claimed that it is completely normal for people to seek psychiatric help and there should be no shame in it.

“It’s just like seeing your ENT doctor or cardiologist,” she said.

“I’ve been very vocal about [psychotherapy]. One shouldn’t be ashamed to admit that one needs help,” Isidro said.

Isidro gave these statements in 2013 as she played a mentally ill character in Alvin Yapan’s drama film “Anino ng Kahapon”.

Isidro was one of the showbiz personalities appeared in a public service announcement (PSA) to call for support for the passage of a mental health law.

The actress on Friday criticized President Rodrigo Duterte’s statements about the United States government and the European Union, calling him a “psychopath” and urging him to seek a psychiatrist.


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