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PNP Chief Bato to Police Scalawags: 'Pagmahuli ko kayo, babalian ko kayo ng leeg' | Latest Trending News
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PNP Chief Bato to Police Scalawags: ‘Pagmahuli ko kayo, babalian ko kayo ng leeg’

PNP Director General Chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa warned the police scalawags who still extorting money by using the war on drugs by President Duterte.

During the press conference in Camp Crame Monday, Bato urged the people who threatened by the police officials to report them immediately to the director General.

According to Dela Rosa, some cops are threatened some rich persons by informing them that they are included in the drug watch list of PNP. The people who threatened were forced to give money to the Police Scalawags in exchange of removing their names in the watchlist.

When caught, the Director General said that he’s going to break the neck of the corrupt police officials literally.

“Yang mga pulis na gumagawa niyan, I promise.. pagmahuli ko kayo.. babalian ko kayo ng leeg, kayong mga pulis na mga g*g*” PNP Chief Dela Rosa said.

Even they are drug pusher, addict, criminal or law-abiding citizen, Bato urged them to report if some police officials attempting to extort them.

“Kahit kayo’y drug lord, kahit kayo’y drug personality, kahit kayo’y drug pusher Pag kayo, tinakot ng pulis,na nandoon kayo sa listahan [watchlist] para magbigay kayo ng pera para matangal ang pangalan niyo, i report niyo po sakin yan”

The Director General said that he’s going to punish the police official twice in the violation of what the complainant did.

“Yung kasalanan ng pulis na nangongotong na yun, times two yun sa kasalanan niyo bilang drug pusher .” Bato added.


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