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Human rights advocate to Sen. De Lima: Women are strong "nandamay pa" | Latest Trending News
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Human rights advocate to Sen. De Lima: Women are strong “nandamay pa”

Lorraine Marie Badoy, a doctor and human rights advocate, said that De Lima was using women’s “frailties” to excuse herself of sleeping with her driver.

“How is f*cking a subordinate ‘frailties of a woman’? Seems to me f*cking your driver comes from a position of strength. Not the other way around.” she wrote on her Facebook page.

She said that it could’ve been sexual harassment since the driver could not have easily said no to his employer.

“Frailties of a woman is the same as frailties of a man. No one gender has cornered the market to certain frailties. And gender has nothing to do with frailties but all to do with our humanity.” she wrote.

She said true feminists know the importance of language in the struggle for women’s rights.

She called on to the senator and asked her to choose wisely the language that she uses, so that it wouldn’t dispower women, and stop using women as her shield.
Badoy also said that the senator should stop misinterpreting women as victims and weaklings, as indecisive wimps who have no firm grip on their lives.

“Women are strong, women are decisive,women hold up half the sky. So when you decide to do the wild thing with your driver, don’t go all sexist on me and call it ‘frailties of a woman’.” she wrote.
She said that women should also be snickered at when they come up with an excuse like that.

Badoy also said that this is what “equal rights” meant.

“So just own up, Leila. Say, “I did what I did because I wanted to. Now that THAT’S out of the way, we can now talk about what it is we really ought to be talking about: how did this relationship screw up our country?” she wrote.

“THAT one I’d like to know.” she added.


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