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Mayor Inday-Sara slams Cynthia Patag on her new post | Latest Trending News
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Mayor Inday-Sara slams Cynthia Patag on her new post

Actress Cynthia Patag released another tirade and now she targeted the presidential daughter and now Davao City Mayor Inday-Sara Duterte-Carpio.

Actress Cynthia Patag challenged Inday-Sara to a Social Media war that the Davao City Mayor quickly accepted,

Patag wrote on her social media account that Inday-Sara is planning to run for Presidency in 2020 to replace his father President Rodrigo Duterte who would end his term in 2022.

The actress source may assumed that President Duterte would not complete his 6 year term.

She also claimed that the Presidential daughter already begun her training for role in the next Presidential Election.

Inday-Sara Duterte responded and said that the claims of Patag was crazy and lambasted the pro-aquino actress for spreading lies on the internet.

The Presidential daughter believed that Cynthia Patag was only trying to prove that she’s unintelligent.

She only laughed at Patag’s accusations and called her “bangag”.

“Kainis. unassailable source pa daw oh. Hahahaha parang hanapbuhay nya yung fb ano?” Inday Sara wrote in her reply to one of the commenters of her post.

Inday-Sara denied to her fans that she’s planning to run for President in 2020 saying that “Politics is not for me.”

Her fans urged Inday-Sara who’s bearing a child right now to not waste her precious time on responding to Cynthia Patag’s tantrums.


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