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LOOK: ABS-CBN News describes President Duterte and his house as "volatile, creaky , abrasive and hot-headed" | Latest Trending News
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LOOK: ABS-CBN News describes President Duterte and his house as “volatile, creaky , abrasive and hot-headed”

I was happy that an article was written and posted in the website of ABS-CBN News about the visit of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to the house of our President Rodrigo Duterte.

This was apparently a repost of an article written by Martin Petty and edited by Michael Perry of Reuters.

Upon reading the said article, I couldn’t help but notice four very unique adjectives used by the writer to describe President Duterte and his house. Words like “volatile,” “creaky,” “abrasive,” and “hot-headed.”

Why use very insensitive words against such a beautiful news story that actually brings our president, our city and our country to a positive light?

Take for example the word “creaky.” By definition, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word means:

– making a creaking or squeaky sound
– no longer working well
– old and in bad condition
– showing signs of deterioration or decrepitude

The writer used this word to describe the two-storey residence of our President. This begs me to ask the question of whether or not the writer was even present in the house of the President when the Prime Minister came to visit last Friday? Did he hear the house actually make creaky or funny noises for him to describe it that way? Did he see the deterioration of the condition of the house? Is he 100% certain it is no longer working well that it creaks?

It is to be expected that before they write their stories, they should be aware that a lot of people can read it. They should also write their stories based on actual and factual information and not just from second-hand information. Clearly, even the picture they used was not their own but one snapped by Mr. Bong Go himself.

This is just for the word “creaky.” I would no longer touch on the others because I have already made my point.

Anyway, I am just sad that this happened – the insensitive write-up I mean.

Sure, there are many people who do not like our President, they may think differently about him because of the way he does things. But its amazing how he still has high ratings and now even aid and support from other countries are pouring in. I believe that Prime Minister Abe would be just one among many who will come over to the Philippines.

Hope you can straighten this up ABS-CBN and Reuters.

Just my observation.

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