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Atty. Rivera to Pres. Duterte :"Sir, sobrang bait mo sa mga dilawan" | Latest Trending News

Atty. Rivera to Pres. Duterte :”Sir, sobrang bait mo sa mga dilawan”


This is the first time I am writing an article addressed to the President. After all, I have gained the monicker as his “defense secretary” or his apologist. But contrary to popular misconception, I have no access to him so allow me to tell him this:

Sir, sobra ra jud ka kabuotan sa mga dilawan!!! (sir, sobrang bait mo sa mga dilawan)

I am saying this coming from a loving, kind and compassionate place. PRRD is being so kind to the brutal attacks of the opposition. But here is the thing, they are not just the opposition in the real sense of the word. They are mutineers, power-grabbers, destabilizers not the opposition.

I know how an opposition should work. I was part of the opposition in almost every administration after Ramos. We wait for the President to commit a mistake, rant about it and go on with our lives. If there is an achievement, we keep quiet. And we wished for the next elections to come so we can replace the bastard or bitch.

President Duterte, sir, you do not have an opposition. You have a bunch of criminals who wants to replace you now, at all cost and by all means. They do not adhere to ethics and justice. They claim they do and justify their actions because they accuse you of not adhering to ethics and justice. They show to the whole world every injustice and attribute it to you at the expense of the Philippines. They do not care if our country’s image is tarnished abroad for as long as it tarnishes you. And they will never admit nor herald the good things you have done so far and they never will.

All they want is to get rid of you now.


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