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LOOK: Filipina and German stands up and defends Pres. Duterte at Human Rights International forum in Switzerland | Latest Trending News
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LOOK: Filipina and German stands up and defends Pres. Duterte at Human Rights International forum in Switzerland

A Filipina and a German National stood up to defend President Rodrigo Duterte at the Human Rights International Convention held in Geneva Switzerland.

They debated with the human rights expert including United Nations Rapporteur Dr. Agnes Callamard on the alleged extrajudicial killings happening in the Philippines.

A Filipina who traveled from Germany to Switzerland defended the side of the President and explained how rampant is the extrajudicial killings even before Duterte came from power.

“If you go to the Philippines .. what’s happening now in the Philippines.. every family has a drug problem, including my Family..” she said.

She also urged the United Nations to come to the Philippines and help the government by building rehabilitation centers for drug addicts.

“We urge all of you to help us with this problem..you come to us.. help us with this help problem.. build rehabilitation centers for this people” she said.

“If you are concern with the people..you go to the Philippines and help us.. build rehabilitation centers and stop meddling with the political affairs of the Philippines because the case is in court and you need to respect the law of the Philippines,” she added.

In response, Dr. Callamard asked the Filipina to urge the government to allow them to visit the Philippines because she believes that there’s better alternatives that does not include blood thirsty actions.

“Please convince your government to listen to us, invite us, we will present the alternatives including to the public and then you can decide whether they are better ways and I can assure you there are more effective ways to tackled drug trafficking and drug addictions which do not involve this bloody-thirsty.. blood thirsty impunity which really poisoning the society” Dr. Callamard told the Filipina

After that a German National named Ulf stood up and engaged with Dr. Callamard and he accused the UN Rapporteur of calling President Duterte a murderer.

He also said that the experts don’t really know the current situation in the Philippines

“What you’re showing is not about human rights, but about ousting Duterte,” Mr. Ulf told Dr. Callamard


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