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Winnie Monsod praises Pres. Duterte: "Kudos to President Duterte, He is making the right moves" | Latest Trending News
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Winnie Monsod praises Pres. Duterte: “Kudos to President Duterte, He is making the right moves”

Being one of the critics of Duterte doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to praise the President for his good deeds for the poor.

Economics Professor and former socioeconomic secretary Solita “Winnie” Monsod praised President Rodrigo Duterte over some decisions that he made for the poor.

In Professor Monsod’s article in Philippine Daily Inquirer on April 8, Monsod praised President Rodrigo Duterte for his recent decisions to distribute the land to farmers for free as part of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP)

She believes that the recent decisions of President Rodrigo Duterte will “boost” the the agrarian reform and “the efforts of the landowners to get around the law will be stopped”

“So, kudos to President Duterte. He is making the right moves to help the poor,” Monsod said in her article.

The Economist also praised the “heartwarming” decision of President Duterte to review the Davao Penal Colony’s lease contract with Floirendo’s Tagum Agriculture Development Co.

Antonio “Tonyboy” Floirendo Jr, is one of the closest friend of President Duterte and contributed a total of P75-M to Digong’s campaign.

“The message is compelling: The country’s interest matters more than friendship,” She said.

But of course, she again sermoned the President in the last part of her article on Duterte’s stance in South China Sea and his decision to remove former DILG Secretary Ismael Sueno without investigating.

“You can be corrupt until you get caught. Then you are fired. You don’t have to answer for your sins,” She said.


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