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Faeldon: "I will take full responsibility." P6.4 Billion of Shabu from China siezed. | Latest Trending News
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Faeldon: “I will take full responsibility.” P6.4 Billion of Shabu from China siezed.

TN 3The Bureau of Customs (BOC) has asked PRRD to investigate the myterious entry of P6.4 billion worth of shabu from China.

Faeldon wrote a request to PRRD to perform a “thorough investigation” of the issue, which has been the subject of investigations of both houses of Congress.

“I have also written letter to the President requesting another committee for a full-blown investigation of this case. I really want this investigated up to the last detail. I want the truth to come out,” Faeldon said.

“It has the best technical expertise to determine the issues of management system, smuggling and everything. [It] has already responded to me, they’ve already assigned in charge of enforcement customs fraud to conduct investigation,” Faeldon said.

Lawmakers and senators questioned the entry of the shipment, saying that there is a possible corruption going on with the BOC officials.

Faeldon told the Senate panel on Monday that he takes “full responsibility” for all the “actions and inactions” of the bureau.



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