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Former Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile : "Filipinos should be thankful for having Rodrigo Duterte as their president" | Latest Trending News
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Former Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile : “Filipinos should be thankful for having Rodrigo Duterte as their president”

President Rodrigo Road Duterte has found an unexpected ally regarding his possible declaration of Martial Law in the entire nation.

It is in the persona of JPE or Juan Ponce Enirle, one of the country’s experienced politician, where Digong found his respite from bashers.

According to the former senator,  Filipinos should be thankful for having Rodrigo Duterte as their president.

On the occasion of his 80th birthday, Enrile seems to defend the President’s efforts and hard work for the entire nation.

The former senator said that the public should recognize Duterte’s hard work in solving the country’s drug problem, the corruption in the police force, and the insurgencies of Islamic State and communist rebels.

“In a way, you should be thankful that Duterte came because he’s now working to solve the drug problem, the criminality of the police or tulisan, ISIS and all these. At the age of 72! Would you rather live under a system like North Korea? That is the prototype of the system that some people want to install in this country,” he said.

Enrile said,  that if ever that  Duterte would declare martial law, it would be justified because he faces problems worse than those during the time of former strongman Ferdinand Marcos.

“Duterte might declare martial law because he has bigger problems now than Marcos. He has the communist insurgency, ISIS, a big drug problem, a vociferous opposition and the traditional problem of Mindanao,” he said. “Our problems were the MNLF, CPP-NPA, that’s it. We didn’t have ISIS, we didn’t have the drug problem,”

Enrile, the architect of Marcos’ martial law, added he would not oppose Duterte if he makes such a declaration.

“Whether I support him or not, we will be under martial law if he declares it. What can I do? I will not oppose him. How can I, I’m no longer in politics? If they can’t find a different methodology to control the situation, he might declare martial law,” he said.


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