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GOOD NEWS OVER BAD: Philippines external debt is down by $5.2 billion. WHY? Find Out here | Latest Trending News
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GOOD NEWS OVER BAD: Philippines external debt is down by $5.2 billion. WHY? Find Out here

Good News Over Bad

While everybody is busy looking for the alleged hidden bank accounts of the Dutertes and even that of the lunatic senator Antonio Trillanes IV, they have failed to see the wonderful things that is happening in the country. Sadly, it seems like people are more interested in the intrigues, scandals and all the other negativities that are happening to take notice of the tremendous change that is sweeping the nation.

Did you know that the country’s external debt is down by $5.2 billion as of end of June? This is because we were able to pay our loans ahead of time. One of the factors of our external debt’s recline is because of the residents investment on Philippine debt papers, which we can loosely translate as people having trust in the government.

People trusting the government has led more foreign investors to do business in the country. A French automotive part supplier strengthened its operations in the country. The American Apparel and Footwear Association will expand their manufacturing facilities in the Philippines. Shearwater, a US clinical solutions provider will also invest $7 million in the country. There are many more foreign investors who have signified their desire to invest because of the good business environment that the government has cultivated.


Other good news includes the distribution of 200 fiberglass fishing boats in Bataan; the improvement of the passport appointment system to make it friendlier; the deluge of infra projects all over the country; ex-NPA rebels starting new lives with the aid of the government; increased remittances from overseas Filipinos; the Philippines stock market is at a new all-time high; former street dwellers now have homes; the country’s export sector is doing very well; the elderly are being cared for better by PhilHealth; and so much more.


If we just take a good look at what this government is doing and not be consumed by all the negativities that the opposition is spreading, we will be more united in our quest to make the Philippines one of the best countries in the world.

Yes, we should not leave the government unchecked and we should always make our government officials accountable to the people. But, let us not overly criticize them to the point that they can’t do their jobs because they are more preoccupied in defending themselves against made-up cases. Look at what’s happening in the Senate. They should be busy crafting laws, but they are now very busy “investigating” all theses fictitious cases. It is counterproductive and is a total waste of taxpayers money, not to mention the waste of time and the hassle it brings to the people dragged into the fray.

Again, there are so much good that is happening in the country. Let us concentrate on replicating all these good things. Let us not allow negativity to eat up our country. We are a happy people, so let’s be happy with the good. Remember that good news should always trump the bad because it will make you feel light and stress free.


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