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Davao Airport prompt anti "TANIM BALA" | Latest Trending News
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Davao Airport prompt anti “TANIM BALA”


DAVAO CITY, Philippines – There’s no dilly-dallying in Duterte country.

Days after a Manila-bound engineer’s apprehension inside the Davao International Airport (DIA) sparked fears the so-called ‘laglag-bala’ syndicate might be operating in the city, airport security are working to make sure no such incident happens again.

According to a local woman named Icar, numerous policemen have been patrolling the airport apparently in light of the incident involving the engineer.

“This is what I found in Davao International Airport,” she wrote on her Facebook. “A lot of police officers are roaming around for the security of all the passengers.”

“They are giving flyers/papers warning everyone for the ‘tanim-bala’ modus operandi,” she added. “Aside from the flyers, they even talk to the passengers to always check their baggage and not let anyone touch it, even the airport representatives.”

As proof, Icar posted pictures of the policemen as well as a cameraman inside the airport. The pictures have since gone viral.

Commenting on DIA’s anti-‘laglag-bala’ measures, airport police head Chief Insp. Eugene Balugo said the camera guy was actually from a media outlet.

However, he said they are in fact in the process of installing additional hi-res cameras to augment the airport’s existing CCTVs.

He added that aside from the policemen roving and giving out flyers, they have also been mobilizing the airport’s porters and taxi drivers to help in the anti-‘laglag-bala’ campaign.

“We also mobilized the porters and taxi drivers to help tell the passengers to be vigilant,” he told Coconuts Manila.

Engr. Augusto Dagan was earlier apprehended on October 30 after his bag yielded two live bullets. He had flown in from Manila to check a project in Davao.

Police are currently verifying whether the bullets were placed inside his luggage while he was still at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) before he flew to Davao City.

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