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5 Reasons why Mayor Duterte should be the next president.

Who is Rodrigo R. Duterte

He is current Mayor of Davao City, Philippines . Rodrigo Duterte is noted for transforming the City from the murder capital of the nation to what tourism organizations there now call”The most peaceful city in Southeast Asia”

Duterte is one of the most intriguing politicians who could run for President in 2016. Duterte has constantly been on the positive end of surveys of Filipinos’ preferred President for 2016. Many people believe that Duterte’s leadership can turn the fortune of the Philippines around, especially in terms of poverty and corruption.

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This is the 5 reasons why Mayor Duterte should be the next president.

5. The Philippines will become more disciplined country

We all know that in order for us to achieve progress, we need to be disciplined in all aspects. Duterte can lead the charge of the much-needed discipline, as he’s ready to implement stricter laws to ensure the betterment of this nation.

Contrary to what others believe, Davao is considered as one of the safest places in the nation under Duterte’s leadership. That’s more than enough reason to show how effective he is as a leader. If he can make Davao a better place, there’s no reason he can’t do the same to the Philippines.
4. He is a problem solver

As the mayor of Davao City, Duterte was able to solve a major issues like traffic, drug abuse, criminality, and corruption. His track record for being a good leader is well documented, and we believe that he can do the same for the Philippines if he’s elected. A country that’s been plagued by corruption, drugs, crime, and heavy traffic jam for decades needs someone like Duterte to make the necessary changes.


3. Leadership
“A leader is not a Messiah, He should be a garbage man. He cleans and clears the path towards a better future for the next generation. He does the work nobody else would like to do”

– Duterte

Duterte aims for a higher level of leadership. In his own words, this man is prepared to walk a path that no one else would like to take. He would surely take every road if it means we will have a better future even if he had to walk on it alone.



2. On Drugs and Criminality

“I have no tolerance for criminals and drug Lords. They destroy our children. I believe that those who harm our children do not deserve to be a part of the Society”



1. Federal style of government

Duterte is the leading voice today in adopting the federal style of government. The primary example is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Presently. the center of political power is
the Malacañang Palace. Meaning, the government is run by the elected President and national affairs of the country is controlled by the President. In the federal form of government,
each political unit will run its own affairs independent of the national government. For example, a state can invite economic investors without the approval of the President.

for more details about Federalism


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