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He was about to miss his flight but a Good Samaritan police came to the rescue | Latest Trending News
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He was about to miss his flight but a Good Samaritan police came to the rescue

Reading a stories about cops who remain truthful to their sworn duty which is “to serve and protect” does not come very often but when it does, it is really worth reading indeed.

This story shared by a netizen name Stephen Go Tan about his heartwarming story about a cop who help him to make it in his flight.

God provided “Good Samaritans” in the persons of PO1 JanHero Jimenez and FTO Romulo Sarabia Jr.

I am scheduled to speak in Dumaguete Wed. but found out only Tuesday morning PAL canceled my flight tomorrow due to the ‪#‎APEC2015‬ Summit. I spent 3 hrs talking with PAL to convince them to fly me to the nearest city, which is Cebu. I had to fly out Tues. to make the conference. I braved the Manila/APEC traffic and got stuck at Coastal Mall. I waited 2+ hours for the “stop and go” system in be “go” but it never did as Heads of States flew in one after each other. I was going to miss my flight! So I decided to walk to Terminal 2 (3 km away) to catch the last flight out before the city shuts down.

As I began my walk/journey, I asked two PNP officers standing nearby how long the walk would take, to see if I would make my flight. They said it would be a long walk and I would miss my flight. Sensing my frustration and me thinking “Lord, can my day get any worse!”, FTO Sarabia and PO1 Jimenez kindly offered to let me ride on the back of Jimenez’s motorcycle, one bag in each hand. It was a sight to behold! We zoomed by all the other hundreds of walking passengers dragging their luggage. It was one of those moments I felt guilty but not really. smile emoticon

I told the officer I would say a special prayer of blessing for him tonight after he dropped me off without asking anything in return. These are two officers the PNP should be proud of!! If I could write them a commendation, I would. God provided angels in the form of this FTO and PO1 to aid me to make my flight. Notice the middle name of the PO1–“HERO”–the name fits in my book! It’s on to Cebu where a 5 hour land/sea journey tomorrow awaits to get to Dumaguete… ‪#‎AmazingRaceDumaguete2015‬‪ #‎moderndaygoodsamaritan‬

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