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Leni Robredo said: "We achieved what Davao did without the Iron-Hand" | Latest Trending News
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Leni Robredo said: “We achieved what Davao did without the Iron-Hand”

In an apparent rebuke to Mayor Duterte recent pronouncement urging the people to build more funeral parlors accros the country to prepare for his leadership, Camarines Sur Representative Leni Robredo said Naga City achieved what Davao did without the tough talking mayor style of leadership.

Robredo’s late husband DILG Jesse Robredo,had been Naga’s mayor for 19 years; during that period the NAGA City was cited as one of ASIA’s most improved cities.

“We achieved the same results in Naga… the peace and order, the discipline among the people, we achieved the same things without that kind of attitude,” Robredo told the Philippine Star.

The vice presidential aspirant said she disagrees with Duterte’s idea to rule the country with an Iron-hand and threatening to kill criminals by excuting them.

“I don’t subscribe to that kind of leadership,” Robredo said. “It may have worked in Davao and in many other places, but based on experience we were able to achieve the same results without resorting to those things.”

Also,Senator Grace Poe expressed objection to Duterte plan to revive the death penalty as a means to deter criminals and solve the alarming problem of the country which is the DRUGS.

Earlier Martin Diño said that if Mayor Duterte will become a President the death penalty will be restore in six months and make executions every week.

But Senator Poe said the government should instead reform the justice system since it often tends to favor the rich and powerful.

“What is alarming about the death penalty is you cannot wipe out all the criminals even if you kill some of them,” Poe pointed out.

“There is no need to shoot (criminals), what is important is to just do your job,” the senator added.

source : Philippine Star, Inquirer, ABS-CBN News


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