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American victim of the "TANIM BALA" expressed their disappointment for the slow justice in PH | Latest Trending News
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American victim of the “TANIM BALA” expressed their disappointment for the slow justice in PH

The American victim of the “TANIM-BALA” scheme at NAIA expressed their disappointment in the slow movement of the Justice in the Philippines in resolving their “laglag bala”case.

Michael Lane White the American missionary expected the court to junk the case against White earlier this week but a counter motion from the OTS screeners prevented this.

“Everytime we come in here we’re expecting it to be dismissed and it just keeps getting kicked down the road so I don’t know. We have hope in the Lord but our hope in the court system here is fading fast,” Ryan, the victim’s father, was quoted in a report from GMA’s “24 Oras” by Oscar Oida on Wednesday.

Ryan added that their camp is not happy with the recent statement of President Benigno Aquino III regarding the “TANIM-BALA” issue.

“If this is just a few random bandits running around and extorting people this would have been squashed long ago. But the fact that it is still going on means that the entire airport is corrupt,” he said.

Despite the many obstacles and delays, White’s camp remains hopeful that his case will be resolved at the soonest possible time.


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