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Find out what Duterte promise to do in his 100 days if elected as President | Latest Trending News
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Find out what Duterte promise to do in his 100 days if elected as President

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte assured the nation that he will address the problems of drugs,corruption,criminality, and the traffic of Metro Manila in the first 100 days of his Presidency.

In the DZMM program “Ikaw Na Ba”,hosted by Karen Davila, Vic de Leon Lima,and Gerry Baja, Duterte said while the problem of Metro Manila traffic gridlock will take 12 years to solve, it will be immediately addressed once he become President.

“Corruption has to go. Crime has to stop. Drugs will have to be stopped,” he said when asked what he would do in his first 100 days of his presidency.

Duterte also said that he would endorse the lifting of the moratorium on the death penalty, and he also warned the policemen who involved in drugs and crime that they would be the “first to go”.

Duterte said he will also form a commission composed of representatives from all the regions of the country to start a study on the shift from a Unitary Presidential form of government to Parliamentary Federal System.

On the traffic in Metro Manila and Informal settlers, he said there should be a long-term formula to solve the problem.

“Metro Manila is overpopulated with both people and vehicles,” he said.

Duterte warned the people to follow the law if he become a President.

“Kapag sinabi ni Duterte na hindi puede yan, dapat sumunod ka,” he said citing Davao City as an example of an area where people respect the rules and follow the law making it one of the safest cities of the world to live in.


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