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Sen.Poe to fellow presidential candidates : "No more Dirty Tactics" | Latest Trending News
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Sen.Poe to fellow presidential candidates : “No more Dirty Tactics”

Senator Grace Poe urged her fellow presidential candidates to stop using “dirty tactics” to bring down the opponents of the candidate.

Sen.Poe appealed to her fellow presidential candidates to abandon petty politics and make the presidential campaign a battle of platforms for a better government.

“We’re all coming into 2016 with a clean slate. We can use this chance to elevate the level of discourse in the campaign. I think everyone will agree that Filipinos deserve no less from us,” Poe said.

“I presume we all want the same thing for the country, which is, ultimately, to uplift the lives of our fellow Filipinos. Let us not make this about personal ambitions because if we do, the tendency is to employ all means, even dirty tactics, to eliminate those who stand in our way,” she added.

Sen.Poe said she was told that her problem was that she had “no black ops” like other candidates.

“We do not fight that way. The battle we wage is based on our platform—what we can do for our poor countrymen, the farmers, the laborers who still suffer from low wages. These are the matters that we must focus on,” she said.

After hurdling a disqualification case before the SET,Sen.Poe suffered a setback at the hands of Comelec, which decided to remove her as a presidential candidate due to her citezenship and residency.


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