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Trillanes to Duterte presidency : "It's going to be a disaster for the country," | Latest Trending News
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Trillanes to Duterte presidency : “It’s going to be a disaster for the country,”

In an interview on ANC’s Beyond Politics,Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte becoming a president will be a disaster for the Philippines.

“It’s going to be a disaster for the country,” Trillanes said, who is running for Vice President.

He also said Duterte’s tough leadership style may not work on a national level.

“You don’t just say ‘I’m going to rid criminality in 3-6 months.’ What are you going to do? Are they going to implement the ‘Pol Pot formula’ which has failed before? Or a milder version which is a draconian environment like the Martial Law years?” he said.

When asked to choose between Vice President Jejomar Binay and Mayor Rodrigo Duterte,Trillanes said the country may be better off with Binay rather than Duterte as President.

“I can’t imagine myself saying this, but it’s going to be so much worse,” he said.

“If it’s a Binay presidency, God forbid, then we’ll have to respect the mandate that’s given to him,” he added.

He added preferring Binay over Duterte doesn’t mean that he would cease to question Binay alleged corruption.

“But it doesn’t mean I’m going to turn a blind eye on his ways, because I am sure 100 percent that he will not change. If you put a plunderer into the presidency, you don’t expect the guy to be a saint. Expect him to plunder more.”

When asked about administration bet Mar Roxas,he said it would likely be similar to the current Aquino administration.

“A Roxas presidency I envision to be more of the same as what we have now. So if that’s okay with you, then vote for the guy,” he said.

source: ABS-CBN News


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