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Duterte to bring back steel industry to open more jobs

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte saif if elected as President he would push for the revitalization of the country’s steel industry as one way of achieving economic growth.

He added the country has to build factories and industries to generate more jobs for the people and one way of doing that is to have steel industry.

“Industrialization is key to real economic growth”,Duterte said in a video.

“We should realize our dream of having our own steel industry,” he added.

Duterte also said only by shifting to industrialization that the government would be able to provide windows of opportunity to as many job seekers as possible,so that people would not be longing anymore to work overseas.

“Steel is needed everywhere. It is the mother of all industries and the backbone of industrialization and will allow us to build all we need in our country like cars and weapons,” he said.

The DTI also admitted on its website that the Philippine iron and steel industry was a critical component in achieving inclusive economic growth and sustainable development.

The steel industry’s outputs are utilized by both commercial and industrial enterprises, such as electronics, appliance manufacturing and shipbuilding, among others, the DTI said.

Duterte said one way of revitalizing the steel industry is to correct some of the country’s laws or come up with Code of Economics.

“By having this code, the country will be ready to open its doors for business and investments,” he said.

source: Inquirer


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