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Duterte to declare Martial Law if only..... | Latest Trending News
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Duterte to declare Martial Law if only…..

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and PDP-Laban Presidential bet says he won’t think twice about declaring Martial Law in case of “constitutional crisis” arises during his Presidency.

Duterte said on Thursday during his speech in Rotary Club of Makati and Manila that he would set up a “revolutionary government” to run into conflict with the Legislative department when it comes to releasing the budget.

“If you threatened me with impeachment and create a constitutional crisis, I will be forced to declare a revolutionary government.”duterte said.

But he clarified that declaring Martial Law would be his “last option” for his administration.

Filipinos have a dark past with Martial Law during the era of President Ferdinand Marcos.

Duterte also said he would tap ex-military officials as members of his cabinet to boost the integrity of his administration.

He believes that ex military officials can also eliminate corrupts officials in the government.


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