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Sen.Marcos urged the authorities to use an 'Iron Fist' against abusive taxi drivers | Latest Trending News
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Sen.Marcos urged the authorities to use an ‘Iron Fist’ against abusive taxi drivers

Senator Ferdinand “BongBong” Marcos Jr. urged the authorities to use an “iron fist” against abusive taxi drivers.

In his statement on Saturday, Marcos expressed alarm over the growing number of incidents involving taxi drivers “harassing and threatening their passengers”.

He also said the LTO and LTFRB should “implement tougher but lawful measures to stop bully taxi drivers from terrorizing their passengers.”

“Instant and severe but legal measures might stop arrogant taxi drivers from verbally abusing their passengers or, worse, physically harming them. Of course, they know that they could be charged in court, but it seems these drivers are not scared about it,” he added.

Sen.Marcos also called all taxi passengers “to be vigilant and emulate the brave victims who have reported to authorities and filed charges against abusive taxi drivers.”

“Maganda talaga na nakikipagtulungan ang mamamayan sa otoridad. That’s why the people should assist the authorities even by just reporting that something wrong has happened, is happening, or is about to happen,” he said.

Joanna Garcia shared on Tuesday a 45-second video on her Facebook account,that exposed the rudeness of a taxi driver in Metro Manila who threatened her after she refused to pay an additional fare above the metered-fare.

Another taxi driver was given a 30 days suspension order after he attacked his passenger with a samurai sword.

source: Inquirer


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