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Leila De Lima: Duterte can be a good leader minus his... | Latest Trending News
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Leila De Lima: Duterte can be a good leader minus his…

Former Justice Secretary Leila De Lima and Senatorial candidate has nothing but a good words for Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Presidential candidate.

“Mayor Duterte can be a good leader minus his prone to cursing and his foul language.”

De Lima added that cursing can be corrected so that he will have more finesse in his language and in his actuations.

She also clarified that she’s not for Federalism,but she added that Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has a good points on the issue and his advocacy fighting graft and corruption.

“Pero yung kanyang mga pananaw,for example,although I am not saying that I am for Federalism, pero may magagandang punto siya tungkol sa federalism.”

But a lot of netizens reacted to what Leila de Lima said,saying that she is simply trying to ride the popularity of Mayor Duterte.

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