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Duterte: "Its not the only criminals who are oppressing filipinos,but the gov't itself" | Latest Trending News
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Duterte: “Its not the only criminals who are oppressing filipinos,but the gov’t itself”

“Pure Oppression”that was how Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte described the current situation of Filipinos,a condition they are subjected to not just by criminals but also by their own government.

In his speech during the forum at the De La Salle University in Manila, Duterte said the Philippines is “very disorderly and people don’t have security.”

“It’s not only the criminals who are working overtime to oppress the people; it’s the government itself,” the tough-talking mayor said.

He cited the “Tanim Bala” incidents at the NAIA as “pure oppression” by the government itself.

“The obedience to the law is almost optional” citing the rising drug problems and criminality in the country.

“My God, I hate drugs and I have to kill people because I hate drugs,” he said, adding that if elected as president there would be no “bloodless cleansing.”

Duterte added that “it would always be in accordance with the law,” he also said he was determined to fight criminality and drugs “even if it would cause me my life,my honor and my liberty.”

He said he is not asking for an entire term to solve the country’s problems with drugs and criminality, but reiterated that he would address these evils in three to six months if elected president.

source: Inquirer


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