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Duterte: "Lumalaban talaga because they’re paranoid." | Latest Trending News
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Duterte: “Lumalaban talaga because they’re paranoid.”

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Presidential aspirant said when fighting powerful criminal syndicates there is no such thing as “bloodless cleansing”.

During #TheLeaderIWant forum on Wednesday conducted by Rappler’s, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte who prides himself in his city’s peace and order program, while answering questions on allegedly order killings without due process. He denied human rights abuses.

“Hindi ko ginagawa ‘yan. Talian ko? Parang hindi ka naman lalaki kung patayin mo ‘yung taong nakatali sa likod,” he said during the forum at the De La Salle University.

He also clarified that all the criminals he had ordered killed, treatened the lives of law enforcers.

“It’s always an armed confrontation,” he said.

“Lumalaban talaga because they’re paranoid. Almost invariably they have weapons, lethal weapons to fight it out,” he said, describing members of drug syndicates.

“If I become president, there’s no such thing as bloodless cleansing. I propose to get rid of the drugs between 3 to 6 months,” he added.

Vice Presidential candidate Senator Alan Peter Cayetano backed up Duterte by pointing to the Aquino administration’s own “cleansing” of terrorism.

He pointed that President Benigno Aquino III ordered the terrorist MArwan to be taken “dead or alive.”

“That’s why nobody knocked on doors and showed a warrant of arrest. What they’re accusing the mayor of was actually [the same one] ordered by the President. Why did we not hear from Human Rights Watch against the President?”.

source: Rappler


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