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Netizen Post an open letter how TV networks unfairly highlighting the bad side of Mayor Duterte not the Good side | Latest Trending News
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Netizen Post an open letter how TV networks unfairly highlighting the bad side of Mayor Duterte not the Good side

In a Facebook Post by a netizen named Kat Sy laments how TV networks unfairly highlighting the kissing and cussing of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Presidential candidate instead the good side of the Mayor.

Contrary to what has been depicted on tv, I met this man so genuinely nice to everyone regardless of social status; no “siga-siga” presence, just simple &humble.

As for the indecency on women issue, She said:

He didn’t show/act w/ any indecency towards me or to other women there.

This is say: I have seen mayor oblige to all requests, be it for a picture, a kiss etc, and sometimes he even jokes around with the ppl. I’m sure that when these girls instigated the kiss bec it was in front of the cameras, then media pushed the situation, made it seem that it was all for fun, but in reality it was so that they can have an angle to sensationalize on.

The mayor played along, not realizing that things will be taken out of context and that he will be unfairly portrayed. We know that media doesn’t always show the whole picture.

She also said that Mayor Duterte is so engaging in their conversation,discussing his plans if elected as President.

He was very engaging in our conversation, discussing about his plans for change that our country needs, abolishing crime & drugs specifically, which has been the root for so many other crimes. It was only then that I saw the shift of emotions. One can see the utmost disgust he has towards those wrongdoers /criminals.

He is a very transparent person w/ a strong personality at times, so this manifests when he talks about issues he cannot stand (drugs, injustices,etc). Like any other, isn’t it normal that our moods change when we talk about things we hate or irritate us?

The sad thing is, media only shows this side of him. Obviously, when asked about all the problems and injustices, etc happening, he stays true to his emotions. Let’s admit it, the Phils. is at its edge already… Nakakaloka na what has been happening. The issues re Naia, Customs,traffic etc & the stupid solutions proposed by the Pnoy gov’t are just tip of the icing.

She also explained why Mayor Duterte gets her vote in 2016 election:

He has been very vocal abt his vices & mistakes in the past. Unlike other candidates, he doesn’t hide it. No Hypocrisy for me. I just want someone who will truly do his job, address all the problems and make better decisions for the Filipinos. No cronies whatsoever. Just lives by to “doing what is Right”, no bias on religion etc. I vote for CHANGE. Hope you do too! ‪#‎duterte‬‪#‎duterte2016‬‪#‎duterteforpresident‬‪#‎du30‬


source: Facebook/ Kat Sy


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