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After "Carrot Man" Another farmer goes viral: "Cabbage Man" | Latest Trending News

After “Carrot Man” Another farmer goes viral: “Cabbage Man”

Recently, A young man from the highlands of Northern Philippines had gone viral because of his good-looking physical appearance and was dubbed as the “Carrot Man” on social media.

Just a couple of days,after the “Carrot Man” became the number 1 topics on social media, a new young man has been circulating on social media and was dubbed as a “Cabbage Man”.

In a facebook post shared by Amy Galuten Matchok-Pandoyos, She uploaded the pictures of her brother carrying a sack of cabbage,but pointed out that she is not trying to compare her brother to the Carrot Man.

This post is intended for FUN, not for COMPARISON or anything else. She said.




source: Facebook


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