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Presidential debates should be aired non-stop and no commercials – Sen. Pimentel says

PDP-Laban President Sen. Aquilino ‘KoKo’ Pimentel III said the Presidential debates should be aired non-stop and no commercials.

Sen. Pimentel said that the First presidential debates in Cagayan de Oro accommodated too many advertisements and did not give enough time for the candidates to discuss their platforms.

“It should never be commercialized. This is a presidential debate. It is a public service,” Pimentel said. He added that the Comelec could ask its media partners to limit the commercial load of the event.

“We have to give the impression that this is not a commercial show,” he said.

The second presidential debate will be held at the University of the Philippines-Cebu on March 20, to be co-hosted by TV5,Philippine Star and BusinessWorld.

However, Sen. Pimentel made a proposal that in future campaigns, Comelec should fund the debate and hold a bidding, in accordance with the procurement law, to determine who would air the event.

“I would suggest to the Comelec to pay for the two to three hour nonstop coverage of the presidential debates,” he said.

During the First Presidential debate, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte was the only presidential candidate who has no advertisement during the event.

source: Philippine Daily Inquirer


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