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Duterte to Roxas: "Kaya yan ang mahirap sa hindi abogado. | Latest Trending News
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Duterte to Roxas: “Kaya yan ang mahirap sa hindi abogado.

PDP Laban bet Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte slammed his rival liberal party standard-bearer Manuel Roxas for his statements that federalism would have more taxes for local and national governments.

“If you want additional taxes, choose federalism. Why? Look at all federal states. US has a federal income tax and state income tax. Look at Malaysia. All federal systems have national and local taxes,” Roxas said.

“In the unitary system like ours, there is only one tax and the money collected is sent to the local (government),” he added.

Duterte said that the local governments have already taxed twice in the current government system.

“Mr. Secretary, may local ordinance taxes, may national taxes. Ang local government nagiimpose na yan ng tax.” CNN Philippines quoted Duterte as saying.

“Kaya yan ang mahirap sa hindi abogado. On both counts, you and the president are both wrong. May double taxation na ngayon.”He added.

source: CNN Philippines


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