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Zubiri’s clan support Mayor Duterte candidacy

Zubiri’s clan in Bukidnon endorsed Presidential candidate Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

“This is the mandate of the people of Bukidnon,” Governor Jose Ma. Zubiri said during the province Kaamulan Festival.

He added that “the decision to support Duterte was reached after a series of consultations with local officials and their constituents”. He cited that 68% of local leaders support Duterte’s candidacy.

“We are supporting him despite the fact that he doesn’t have the machinery or funds–unlike the other candidates. Sariling sikap itong amin ,” Zubiri said.

“He doesn’t want to ask favors from billionaires in Manila and we get that, we understand that,” he added

During his speech in Bukidnon, The tough-talking Mayor Duterte thanked Zubiri and his constituents for their support.

“If I win, I will talk to the rebel groups–the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, the Moro National Liberation Front, and the New People’s Army,” Duterte said.

“I heard that my professor, Jose Maria Sison of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, wants to go home if I get elected.” He added.

source: Philippine Daily Inquirer


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