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Cayetano slams Escudero challenged him to one-on-one debate | Latest Trending News
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Cayetano slams Escudero challenged him to one-on-one debate

Vice Presidential candidate Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano challenged his rival Sen. Francis Escudero to one-on-one debate for his statement that Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte target to end crime and corruption in three to six months is not realistic.

“Definitely, in cannot be done in three to six months, even in six years. The problems are too serious and deeply rooted that these cannot be easily defeated,” Sen. Escudero told reporters during his visit in Digos City.

Duterte’s running mate, Sen. Cayetano said that whoever loses in the debate should withdraw from Vice Presidential race. Adding that Sen. Escudero attitude is an example of lack of conviction to end country’s problems.

“With all due respect to Sen. Escudero, I’d like to reiterate what I said before. Failure is guaranteed for those who do not even want to try,” Cayetano said. “To those who lack political will, nothing is possible. But to those who have a clear vision for real change and the strength of character to do what is right, any goal can be accomplished.” Philippine Star quoted Cayetano as saying.

He added that “It’s frustrating to see our fellow public servants lack the passion and optimism to change the country. All the while, they continue to offer the same solutions that failed miserably in the past”.

Cayetano said “It will not be easy, but Mayor Duterte and I are ready to do it. Through our bold solutions, in six months’ time, we can make our streets safe again and cleanse our government of corrupt officials,”.

source: Philippine Star
photo credit: CNN Philippines


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