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Anonymous Philippines warns politicians who are planning to cheat | Latest Trending News
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Anonymous Philippines warns politicians who are planning to cheat

The Anonymous Philippines post a warning to those politicians who are planning to cheat on the May 2016 elections.

In a Facebook post shared more than 465 times as of writing, the popular Anonymous Philippines issued a warning to those politicians who are planning to cheat this coming May election.

Magandang gabi po!

Para po sa mga nag pa-plano na mandaya sa darating na election, maaaring makakalusot po kayo. Pero sisiguraduhin namin na kahit papano, makakakurot po kami sa inyo. At hindi nyo makakalimutan yun. PROMISE PO YAN!

Sandamakmak na mga pilipino ang backer namin na ayaw ng dayaan oh, ano laban nyo? We are legion!

Expect Us.

~ ‪#‎pR‬.is0n3r

Earlier, The Anonymous Philippines also asked the Commission on Election (Comelec) to activate the security features of the PCOS Machine, threatening that they will sabotage the election result. As a warning, the Anonymous Philippines defaced the Official Website of the Comelec.

Greetings Philippines! We are Anonymous.

The Constitution so asserts that “Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them.” One of the processes by which people exercise their sovereignty is through voting in an election- where people choose the candidates who will best represent them, who will serve them under the principle that “Public office is a public trust.” But what happens when the electoral process is so mired with questions and controversies? Can the government still guarantee that the sovereignty of the people is upheld?

Comelec, it is your mandate to protect the integrity of our votes. The people want an honest election. We demand legitimate election results. We hope for encouraging changes in the electoral system. Through the exercise of our right to vote, we long for our hopes, dreams and aspirations to be realized.

We are Anonymous, We are Legion, We do not forgive, We do not forget. United as one, divided by none. The corrupt fear us. The honest supports us. The heroic join us.

Commission on Elections, its too late to expect us!

Are you a concerned citizen? Mail us at info@anonph.net



Here’s the video of the Anonymous Philippine weeks before the Official Website of the Comelec was taken down.

source: Facebook/Anonymous Philippines , Facebook/Anonymous Philippines




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