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Trillanes said Duterte 'is a billionaire', 'It’s not true that Davao is a paradise' | Latest Trending News
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Trillanes said Duterte ‘is a billionaire’, ‘It’s not true that Davao is a paradise’

Vice Presidential candidate Senator Antonio Trillanes IV dared Presidential candidate Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to meet him at Julia Vargas branch of BPI on Monday to sign a waiver.

Sen. Trillanes set his proposed meeting with Duterte at 11 a.m on Monday.

“In the interest of transparency, let’s be done with this issue,” Trillanes said.

“Let’s see. Let him show his courage,” he said. “Mayor Duterte, please end the drama. Sign the waiver,” he added.

The Senator vowed to withdraw from Vice Presidential race and to resign as a senator if Duterte prove him wrong. He added that if Duterte gets elected he would use the documents he had for Duterte’s impeachment.

Trillanes said the P227 million was just the “tip of the iceberg” adding that he and his team were gathering more information. He pointed that the information on Duterte’s bank account was given to him by concern citizens “who see the danger of having a pretender or fraud and psychopath Commander in Chief.”

“The Duterte campaign is based on a lie, on propaganda. It’s not true that Davao is a paradise. Duterte has no agenda for corruption and drugs. This is all gimmickry. He is a billionaire,” Trillanes said.

When reporters asked him about the source of the money in Duterte’s bank account, he said that he had some information that needs to verify.

source : Philippine Daily Inquirer


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