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VP can choose any cabinet position, Duterte’s spokesperson says

Presumptive President Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte spokesperson, Peter Laviña said the Vice-President winner may get any Cabinet position he or she wants.

“We have not determined who will be the VP. But we have already said that there will be a Cabinet position for whoever wins. And it will not be a, as I said earlier as a joke, it will not be a flower vase,” Laviña said in a press conference on Friday.

“Mayor is a very generous person naman. He can deal with anyone. So, it will be a post that will be mutually discussed between the two highest positions in the land. Baka may personal preference ang winning vice president, so we can immediately say that this post is vacant and that she can take it if she wants, di ba? Or she can hand to the president-elect a list of her preferences,” he added.

However, Duterte’s spokesperson clarified that the executive secretary position is non-negotiable because it is a full time job.

“All the positions are possible, except of course executive secretary. It’s the only one siguro na non-negotiable because it is a full-time job. Number one among equals. Plenty of work for the executive secretary. But down the line, I think it’s open,” Laviña said.

source: ABS-CBN News


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