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'Dear Mr. Outgoing President': Duterte is your opposite, He won because of his tangible accomplishments | Latest Trending News

‘Dear Mr. Outgoing President’: Duterte is your opposite, He won because of his tangible accomplishments

“Dear Mr. Outgoing President,

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte was already a prosecutor before the Filipino people brought your mother, a plain housewife into power in 1986. At the time your mother became President, Rodrigo Duterte was mayor of the country’s largest city in terms of land area. That was 30 years ago, Mr. Outgoing President. When you were voted Congressman by the people of Tarlac in 1998 for the first time as an elected official, Mayor Duterte has been Davao’s chief executive for more than a decade already. When you became a senator in 2007, Duterte had 2 decades of solid executive experience while you had zero. You passed zero laws as a senator while Duterte has effectively and successfully transformed Davao to what it has become with bylaws and city ordinances solidly in place to protect women and encourage equality among the various ethnicities living in his city.

You were elected into the Presidency by 15.2 million voters not because you had a track record that backed you up. Your mother again saved your day. Her passing made millions of Filipinos grieve for her loss and therefore you were gifted by sympathy votes, myself included.

In contrast, Mayor Duterte didn’t win because of sympathy from anyone. He won fair and square by virtue of his track record and competence. While in your case, you didn’t have to do anything to improve this country because all the economic legislation was already in place long before you could warm up your seat in Malacañang. Just like how you were voted into congress, the senate and the Presidency, you didn’t have to do anything to win. Your hero parents gave you an easy entry into politics and the people voted for you just because you were the son of Ninoy and Tita Cory. Your last name being an Aquino was so fragrant that there’s no way voters could not vote for you. Trust us, that’s how we Filipinos grieve. We gave you a free pass and you thought you won those elections. Really? Hmm… No you didn’t.

Duterte won because of his tangible accomplishments in Davao not because of a rich family name. He’s your opposite. The best part is, he garnered more votes than you. 16 million against your 15.2 million, a new record. This alone should tell you that you’re not really the most sought-after president you think you are.

You have no right to tell the voters why or how we voted for Duterte. If we say we voted for him because we dislike you, we dislike you. If we say we voted for him as opposed to your annointed Mar Roxas because Duterte is more competent than you and Mar combined. Believe that it’s true. If we say that we chose Duterte because it’s a protest vote against your out-of-touch oligarchic governance, it is so because it is.

Now, we can not stop you from continuing to live in your own imaginary world Mr. Outgoing President. We can only remind you that come June 30, 2016, reality will hit you smack in the face that you’re not really as good as you think you are. Ask us, the voters Mr. Outgoing President. We’d give you an honest-to-goodness assessment on how you were as President. The result of the May 2016 Presidential election speak for itself.

Reality check Mr Outgoing President. Care to know what’s happening on the streets by leaving your gated palace finally.

A Filipino”
-Charles Vincent Ho


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