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READ: President Duterte is going to be the biggest victim of bad journalism | Latest Trending News

READ: President Duterte is going to be the biggest victim of bad journalism

This article is written by : Jem Birkner


President Duterte is going to be the biggest victim of bad journalism, I rest my case.

Instead of writing articles and using media platforms which will unite the Nation, cheap writers choose this specific topic which was taken out of context. Watch the video and find the word or thought that “Endorses Media / Journalist Killing” or him “Condoning Media / Journalist Killing”… He stated what and how things are happening now.

Let me personally state I do not support extra judicial
Killings of any kind, summary or mass killings I believe in due process too.

But let’s assess what kind of person our President is, he’s a realist and he’ll say things as is, not to sugar coat but to expose truths that will sting because it’s happening everywhere.

We do not elect leaders to feel good. They’re there to present pressing national problems and find ways to address it. If you’re looking for a Pope, go to Vatican.

But because not many listen and comprehend full videos now a days, I have cut the clip regarding headlines being published today by the Mainstream Media. I refuse to believe headlines and articles anymore.

Today has just been a classic case of people believing hearsay & scrolling through headlines, as usual. With the attention span of people like birds, I’m not surprised how it’s been handled online and on television.

Although, keep discussing about it until the standard of journalism get’s better. And if you know someone who accepts bribes for articles, expose them.

Duterte is not the media’s favorite person – I can see why, his broken statements seem to give them a hard time to write any “juicy” story, so they make stuff up instead. So at this point, the people themselves need to dissect further.

My UP Diliman professors were right, a lot of the problems stem from journalists who write notes too fast just to write the story rather than LISTENING before writing – and of course, there are people who read sensationalized articles and react like as if they were proven right..


The discussion was a very specific case (JUN PALA), and the example cited was very specific to why these killings happen today, a practice that has to be controlled by the Duterte Administration. It was never ENDORSED or CONDONED.

Where in the video do you hear that he condones such an action? But he cites that it’s a reality TODAY and WHY it happened to certain journalists. It’s called premise, my friends.

It’s a DISCUSSION ABOUT A SPECIFIC TOPIC, not a GENERAL action he has and will condone(s). What a circus.

In case you don’t know who Jun Pala is, eto..
Jun Pala Case: http://archives.newsbreak-knowledge.ph/…/the-jun-pala-dile…/

Watch the video below provided by Jem Birkner in her Facebook Post:




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