President Duterte admits DDS exists. But…..

After being mum about the allegation of the self-confessed DDS member Arturo Lascañas, President Rodrigo Duterte finally admitted on Tuesday that the vigilante group (DDS) exists.

But he clarified that he did not create it, “I did not do that. I do not need that. I did not create an air force. I have an airforce. I will not create a DDS. I have police department.” he said.

He pointed Serafin “Jun” Ledesma Jr, a columnist of SunStar Davao as the person who has knowledge about the group, adding that “he was part of” the group.

“Ask Jun Ledesma, he’s also a journalist too from Davao. He would give you the history. Well, I do not want to sound apologetic. You just ask him. He’s a columnist of Sunstar Davao. He will be the right person because he was part of it actually,” Duterte said.

Duterte said the vigilante group (DDS) was created to fight the SPARU unit (Special Partisan Unit) a hit squad of Guerilla Front 55 of the New People’s Army Southern Mindanao Regional Committee.

“If you really ask, I’m not into excuses. No apologies but you should learn more about DDS. It was organized to combat the SPARU in Davao. You can ask the people, the old guys here. It was then known the DDS Martial law,” Duterte said.

source: SunStar

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